Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm Addicted to Cat Videos on YouTube aka The DELoL Show LIVE from ROLL2PLAY

The DELoL Show takes a field trip to visit one of our sponsors, ROLL2PLAY

Joining us there are the guys from Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff of MarvinDog Media. I attempt to host their "THROW DOWN IN THE TOY ISLE #3" we had a few difficulties with the technological things... but we at least saved the winning round!

Also we get a visit from "OFFICIAL KID OF THE DELOL SHOW, REESE"  with more on her help with The Super 6 and WIPE OUT KIDS CANCER

DELoL Show Interview Segments with Artist Taylor Lymbery and Clever Girl Cabaret

This episode we welcome vinyl toy sculptor, comic book artist and creator of Xenex the Bugman- Taylor Lymbery.

Also producer and co-creator of Clever Girl Cabaret - Black Mariah

Sunday, August 4, 2013

[my new show] FANGIRLS: Dames of the Round Table

Deep Ellum on Air has given me my own show and I'm bringing some of the best local dames along with me. 

I'm happy to announce that i am now hosting and producing Dallas' FIRST ALL GIRL ROUND TABLE OFF FANDOM streaming live weekly on

 I've picked ladies who can out geek me and school me in subjects that are important to the masses that i've never really cared to learn about. it'll still focus on geek and pop 
 culture but not so much on just one subject. We'll cover Anime/manga/scifi/dr who/ ALL gaming consoles/movies/books/ tv shows,etc.... It's a Round Table of Fandom held weekly by regular girls with strong opinions.

There are so many ladies i wanted to be a part of this, but unfortunately some didnt have the time, and others didnt even respond to my email or return my call. There are a ton of podcasts and videocasts made weekly, but i wasnt able to find ONE that consisted of all girls all the time.  

We'll have girls who know/review dr who- I dont know anything about that shit. Girls that have consoles that I don't, that can review games that i cant. Girls who have time to read books that I might not have time for. There's so much in the fandom realm to cover and right now it IS dominated by the mail voice and word. 

There are plenty of websites and blogs that offer all women opinions and i'm thankful to them as they have been my inspiration. Now it's time to bring these opinions to the visual world of VideoCasts!

Check out our debut show inLive and professionally broadcast on Deep Ellum on Air, Sunday, August 11th at 3pm CST. Who's excited?? 

FANGIRLS: Dames of the Round Table. You've been warned!

At Least Theyre Well Dressed Haters aka The DELoL Show ep 1317 with Trauma Comics and Makeup/ FX guru Heather Henry

Trauma Comics returns to the studio with a special announcement and new toys from their comics: Nazi Werewolves from Outter Space and Kung-Fu Satanist.

Also From the SyFy Channel's show "FACE OFF" Special FX and make up artists Heather Henry of High Noon Creations.

Also another cute visit from our resident kid, Reese with an update on The Super 6.

I'm Still Drinking Out of a Penis Straw aka The DELoL Episode 1315 with Forces of Dorkness and The Watch

In studio from Austin, Texas to promote his newest line of toys, Scott Kinnebrew of Forces of Dorkness joins us for some ridiculous fun.

Gratuitous Amounts of Cleavage and Side Boob aka The DELoL Show Ep 1314 with Brent Peeples and our review of Man of Steel

the title says it all.....

fucking del.

I GOT AN iPHONE 5 and only use it for The Simpsons: Tapped Out

In this episode of The Loud Idiots Radio Show, Taffeta Darling geeks out over her new iPhone 5 and The Simpsons Tapped Out game.

Click the link below to listen.