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My thoughts on The AVENGERS movie. (a semi review) There are a lot of spoilers, btw.

****SPOILERS*********SPOILERS*************SPOILERS************ THERE ARE A LOT OF*********SPOILERS**************SPOILERS*********

 I didn't read or hear any reviews or thoughts regarding the Avengers movie, I went into the theater with a clear mind. After thinking about the film for a day, I thought i'd share sporadic thoughts regarding the film.

 ****SPOILERS*********SPOILERS*************SPOILERS************ THERE ARE A LOT OF*********SPOILERS**************BELOW***********************

 So as some of you might have expected, Loki is the villain of this movie... what you prob dont expect is, that with his help, Erik Selvig, and Hawkeye are villains too.(mostly) Loki has made his way to Earth, power hungry and ready to control. He has captures the Tesseract, aka the Red Skull’s Cosmic Cube from the Captain America movie, with plans on opening the portal to the invading alien race of Chitauris. It is now up to Earth's mightiest heros to put their egos and differences aside to save or if not save, AVENGE their planet.

First off I'll start with main negative opinion I had going into the film- and that was Mark Ruffalo as Hulk. I was let down with Eric Bana, slightly hopeful with Edward Norton and then there was this drama, and Norton was out..
 Mark Ruffalo's portrayal of bruce Banner was pretty near perfect. Without giving this scene away-(I'll save you this) there's a moment when I jumped in my seat and was scared  of Bruce. I wasn't scared of the Hulk, but of Bruce. Mark  Ruffalo brought this intensity that I didn't expect.... he gives us the scientist walking on egg shells and THIS is the Bruce that has been missing from the previous films.

 Okay the portrayal of Bruce was crazy good... what about The Hulk? .... Surprisingly Witty.(voiced by OG Hulk, Lou Ferrigno) There were parts, particularly the teaming of Hulk and Thor that were incredibly neat to watch on the big screen; if you've wanted a Thor VS Hulk live action power house fight- you'll be happy.
It's after this knock-around moment, that the two find a mutual understanding and put aside their differences and join together.....but as soon as they've push backed the enemies, Hulk unexpectedly punches Thor in the face which sends the God of Thunder flying. After the fact, Hulk wears this witty, self aware, "you had it coming" expression. It's so good!! It was after this scene, that I got a Bruce/Hulky boner. (I'm officially hooked on the newly signed 6 movie Ruffalo.)
We see more of this Hulk towards the end of the film as he is fighting Loki, who calls Hulk a dumb brute. Hulk then grabs Loki by the legs, slamming and shaking him over and over, much like a wolf with a freshly caught rabbit. And again after this scene, you see Hulk with this  smerky expression, like "yeah I might be a big brute, but let me show you how dumb I'm not", it's quite clever. The point is that Hulk/Bruce easily steals the hype away from his other team members because THIS is the portrayal fangirls and boys have been waiting for.


Earlier I received an email asking me if the team's screen time is disproportionate and if Iron Man got all the attention. I can say with assurance that I dont think anyone is going to get butt hurt over the amount of screen time the characters have or dont. Everyone is given their moment, and every one of them "steal the show".

 Capt America fans, will appreciate the continued writing development of Steve. He's still the heart of the team in my opinion, no matter how many times Iron Man tries to take charge.
Evans does another excellent job with his portrayal of Capt Rogers who is still getting used to his new world. Hints of this are mentioned throughout the movie, and plays cute for an inside joke between Fury and Rogers.
 There's a few tender moments of bromance and admiration towards Steve from Agent Coulson, who has vintage mint Capt America collector cards that he's been wanting signed by Steve.

Iron Man of course remains self-serving throughout the majority of the movie, but it's finally after losing a team mate does he really get serious. Fans of Agent Coulson will have their moment to mourn;Phil is killed by Loki. This is the turning point which unites them in the realization that they need to work together. Even Phil knew this, he says as much before passing. Shame a homie's gotta die, though.

It should be noted that Loki does his fair share of stealing the show as well. Tom Hiddleston gives a second commanding performance as the deceitful prince. His chilly disposition reigns throughout the movie and continues to bring villainy to a level that readers of the series and character have come to expect.

SOOOO, the Chitauri charge through the portal and scatter around Manhattan.  While Black Widow works to shut the portal,a climactic battle, lead by Captain America takes place on the streets between heros and the alien race. By this time, we have found out that Bruce's secret is that he "is always mad", and we see Hulk in a calmer state of mind, waiting for that queue to let it all out. Captain A assigns posts to his fellow team members, and there's no push back from Thor or Iron Man. They're working as a team, finally!!!
As shown in the previews, it is at this moment, Hulk's gamma-ray body is told to SMASH, by Captain America. IT IS INDEED A MOST EPIC SMASH.

 There's a great moment in this film that myself, and mayhaps others have been anticipating for a long time: it's seeing the live action characters formed in a circle facing outwards towards the Chitauri, assembled as a team. It's an incredible, powerful sight that made the long wait worth the while.

 As far as a rating goes, I'm going to give it a 4.5 out of 5.

 I missed the end credit scene since I was pissing; thanks a lot large cherry icee..however, the people I was with broke the scene down for me and told me their guesses. Apparently the ending clip was a deep voice saying "the only thing that will stop them is death"... then it cuts to a sinister side mouth smile...
With the word "death" being said as one of the final words of the movie; I instantly think THANOS, uhm because that's pretty much what his name means. The Marvel movie writers have been known to throw clues out in the midst, just gotta catch 'em.

So if the end clip was of Thanos, this could be a brilliant set up for the second Avengers movie in the likes of The Infinity Gauntlet, which would bring in collaborations of more Marvel Universe characters.

Now as my genius friend Adam notes, SPIDERMAN is a card carrying Avenger. Could he possibly be recruited at the end of HIS new and upcoming movie?? SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! (production rights, willing!)
If Spidey joins in the second Avengers movie.... my fellow fangals and boys could this be the perfect set up for the SECRET WARS!? 

I think we have the needed "familiar" Marvel characters from the big screen with notable actors to pull either of these off. Plus, it adds to the reason to bring in a plethora of other well known characters that might not be big enough to carry their own film, but will make INCREDIBLE supporting roles. Also a chance to cast a new Human Torch!

 -Just Sayin'

Special thanks to international house of geek for inviting me to the advanced viewing.


The Taffeta Darling said...

feel free to leave any comments regarding your thoughts about my thoughts, and of course, the ending clips and set up for the next movie.

Taylor Lymbery said...

Well, I'm sold then. I wasn't going to try and run out to go see this movie. I blame the annoying bombardment of previews. I felt I had already seen the movie. But I guest I need to go see this and support Joss Whedon! Thanks for the review!

The Taffeta Darling said...

taylor! thanks for stopping by. i'm curious to know what you thought of it, if you've seen it.



Rich Lane said...

There's a second extra scene after ALL the credits. It's completely sans music or dialogue, and it has the bone-weary team in a deli eating the shawarma that Tony was craving.

The Taffeta Darling said...

yep! heard about that afterwards. they didnt offer this scene in the advanced screening! thanks Rich! =)